Special Interest Groups - Amateur Radio

EFAR Electronics for amateur radio

Breakfast At The BrunchBox
       735 E Memorial Blvd.
       9:00 AM Every Tuesday

Breakfast At Fred's Market
       2120 Harden Blvd.
       8:00 AM Every Friday
       Arrive before 8:30 AM to take advantage of the 
       Blue Plate Special and free coffee.

       Meets every third Tuesday
       Clara's Restaurant
       1533 S. Combee Rd
       11:30 AM

Nets Near and Far

Find Ham radio parts locally - The Rich List

LARC Kit Building Project
Resource List
Will be on Blog with active hyperlinks
Please find a kit that suits you then build it and share your results.

1.) Five Dash Inc.
KB9YIG, Tony Parks, has evolved his product line and the Softrock Lite II at $21.00 is a nice SDR receiver which responds nicely to all of the free software for SDR. It is a build that will not leave most with any problems.

2.) Far Circuits
They carry a large selection of ham radio related kits and boards. Most of them have had articles in QST and are easy to follow. The downside is the Far Circuits catalog is lengthy and hard to follow. They are reasonably priced.

3.) Vectronics
This company has a fairly broad range of receiver, transmitter, transceiver, and misc ham kits. They are straight forward with ease of assembly. They are reasonably priced. Vectronics is one of the companies in the MFJ group.

4.) Oakhills Research
They have amateur radio related test equip kits but are a bit pricey for club projects

5.) Hendricks QRP Kits
Doug Hendricks, KI6DS, kits are about ham radio and they have some hard kits and easy kits. There is also a smattering of test equipment kits that relate to ham radio. This site is ham radio oriented.

6.) Kits and Parts dot com
W8DIZ owns this site and has a few test equip kits and some radio kits. He also has one of the most complete toroid selections for ham radio.

7.) Nightfire Electronics, Ocala, FL.
 This company is present at several of the bigger hamfests around the state. They have a wide variety of kits and some in the area of radio.

8.) Sparkfun Electronics
A variety of kits with no specific interest group in mind.

9.) TenTec
Variety of high level receiver and QRP transceiver kits with some other items. Good performance, but at a price and challenging level of complexity.

10.) Elcraft
Active audio filter, 20W dummy load, Power/VSWR meter, Wideband Noise Generator, Switched Attenuator all under their Mini-Module Label; Number of Transceiver Kits, etc. Some are very high priced, but with equivalent quality and performance specs.

Surface mount components for some of their kits-more complicated than most, but should furnish an interesting challenge for an experienced kit builder. Transceiver and SDR receiver.

12.) Four State QRP Group
This Group has a number of purely ham-focused kits: CW Filter, 40M Receiver Power/VSWR Meter, Keyer, Minimalist Regen Xcvr, etc.

13.) QRPme
The Tuna Can kit supplier. Many of their kits are built around an empty tuna can. QRP Transmitters and separate receivers. Easy build $30-40.

14.) QRP kits featuring the Splinter QRPp transmitter / receiver. This units pack the most color of any.

For Advice or Assistance please contact the following ELMERS for this effort:
Bill Johnson KI4ZMV,, 863-853-8543
Ren Monllor KG4BAS,, 863-665-4298
Rich Kennedy N4ESS,, 813-240-5614""