Tuesday, July 21, 2015

LARC's New Home

Location Church in the Meadows, 2825 Winter Lake Rd., Lakeland, FL


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Heads Up- Volunteers Needed For Wounded Warriors Walk

The 2015 Wounded Warrior Walk will be held on August 1, 2015 at 6AM (Yes, that is the one before breakfast.) at the First Presbyterian Church at 175 Lake Hollingsworth Drive in Lakeland.

The work and participation of the club last year was greatly appreciated. Several club members were approached by various workers from the previous year and thanked for the difference the club made to the event. As you can imagine, good radio communications put an end to much confusion, frustration, yelling, hair pulling, thrown punches and running back and forth. We were approached early on this year and asked for assistance in this most worthwhile of projects. One of the organizers has even asked to be paired up with her “awesome guy” from last year. Hmmmmmmm The folks who put it together do a great job and I personally felt honored to be a part of the project.

I guarantee that anyone who registers will have a part in this event. This year’s volunteers will all receive a T shirt if registered prior to the event. Don’t be left shirtless.

Please let me know as soon as possible by email to BillPaul@ij.net don’t forget to include a good phone number.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

LARC's White Night

Last evening we were very fortunate to have Ellen White, W1YL, share her ham radio experiences from High School to the present with us. Ham radio has been an integral part of Ellen's life, family and professional for many years.
During her presentation, Ellen passed around a memento from an era long ago when certain practices were more more acceptable. From its pristine condition, it is evident that this one has never been put into service. :-)
Here Ellen poses with Daryl Davis KT4WX, West Central Florida Section Manager.
Above are the members of the Florida Contest Group, who attended our meeting to hear Ellen speak. This group was founded by K4OJ, Ellen's son. Standing on the far left, proudly wearing the group's colors, and no stranger to the members of LARC is our very own, Bob Foxworth, K2EUH.
And the winner is... Chet Carruth! Chet AB4XK is the lucky winner of the grand prize of a radio valued at $609 dollars.
Congratulations are in order. We have a new Tech, David McQueary KM4LPR, from Sun and Fun. Dave is shaking hands with his Elmer, Don Jeerings.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Guest Speaker For July Ellen White

Above photo of Ellen White as a station engineer at KPOA, Honolulu (about 1948) She got that job not just because she held an FCC First Class Radiotelephone license (mandatory in those days) but also because she was a ham (KH6QI).....highly regarded technically in those early days.

Get your questions ready for Ellen. You won't have many opportunities to talk with someone with such a facinating background in ham radio.

ARRL Beginnings

One question you might have for our July guest speaker is "What was it like back then?" Ellen really wasn't around way back then, but far enough back to give you an insightful response to this and any other related questions you may have about the ARRL, and her 21 years of service there.

 Ellen was presented with a photo album on her retirement. Here are a few images from that album. Clearly, the ARRL has come a long way from its humble beginnings above the Hong Sing Laundry (second image down.)

Oh, and don't forget. The location of the July meeting will be Community Southern Bank on South Florida Avenue. Check earlier blogs for the exact location, picture of the bank, and even a map. See the sidebar on the right.--------------------------------------->

And now the pictures.

We Are Moving!

As some of you already know, the Presbyterian Church where we have been meeting for years has been sold. We were informed Monday that it is being converted into a school for the handicapped, and that we would no longer be able to use this facility.

But don’t panic. We have made arrangements to hold our meetings for the next few months at a nicer, and perhaps more convenient location for some. The new venue will be the Community Southern Bank, 3340 S. Florida Avenue. Please note, there is another bank, on the West side of the street named Community Bank of Florida. We do not meet there. Our meeting place is the Community Southern Bank on the East side about a 1,000 feet further South.

This will be our new home, at least for the interim:

There are a few things you should know, and we will remind you again, but there is no time like the present to start. First, the meeting room is accessed through a door separate from the bank entrance. Second, please use the ample parking in the rear, not the front. Third, do not block the drive through teller, ever.

Need directions? Click Here

Thursday Night Net,, July 2, 2015

Congratulations Go Out To Our Field Day Candidates

Congratulations to our new Extra, Geoffrey Carr KK4RRX.

Kevin Rought, KC4KWR is now General, and George Bartuska, KM4LNR is a new Tech

For more images taken on Field Day by Ringo Click Here