Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hurricane Awareness Tour

Please note, this event will be on the Sun and Fun side of the airport. Start at the Sun and Fun Museum and follow the signs. Click here for Google Map
For more information you may email:

Saturday, April 28, 2012

March For Babies

Patrick KI4CDY was net control for this event.
With the help of the club repeater he 
maintained constant contact with all the dedicated hams
giving their all for a good cause.

Marven KI4CDZ kept a careful eye on the stores by his
station. One package of cookies per person!
Don KI4EFL does his best to control the walkers.
It can get dicey at events like this.
You have to watch your back, and be ready
for the unexpected. 

Finally, at mission end, it is time to debrief.
Actually, we all got t-shirts to mark the occasion.
Left to right, Marvin KI4CDZ, Tom KJ4WFS, 
Larry KI4DNO, Trudy KI4OFV , and Mike KT2T.

Also present but not shown was Bill KI4ZMV.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pat KJ4AFB Is Now General Pat

Congratulations to Pat KJ4AFB for passing her General exam earlier this week. She has the distinction of being the only General XYL in the club. Good going Pat!

Sam Gardner N4MCW Passes

LAKELAND - Samuel A. Gardner passed away on April, 17, 2012 at the age of 92 in his home from natural causes related to age.

Sam was born on July 4, 1919 in Brooklyn NY. After working as a chemical engineer for Shell Oil for a number of years. Sam came to Lakeland in 1972 with Davy Power Gas and was in charge of many projects globally for the company until his retirement.

Sam was a veteran and served both in the US and overseas as a Major in the Marine Corps during WWII. Sam had a very inquisitive nature and as such had a wonderfully diverse life. Sam was an avid reader, handball player, runner and swimmer. Sam was also over the years a member of the computer club and Ham radio club in Lakeland. Sam was also a charter member of the Imperial Polk County Obedience Club (IPOC) and was a nationally certified and recognized dog judge for a number of breeds as well as obedience and tracking. Sam also had the singular experience of being on a plane that was hijacked to Cuba in 1969.

Sam was preceded in death by his wife Margaret Gardner (2003) who was by his side for over 50 years. Sam will be missed by the many friends whose lives he touched over the years with his unique personality, and also by his Golden Retriever companion CJ.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Making Tech - Like A Walk In The Park

Preparation is everything. When you study hard, taking the test is like a walk in the park.
In this case, Central Park!

Left to right, Club President Patrick KI4CDY, Laura NO4OO, our new Tech Arthur Jaccobowitz, and George KI4NBE. Also present but not shown were Bill KI4ZMV and Mike KT2T.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

March For Babies

A Message From The President

On Saturday, April 28th, 2012, the local chapter of the March of Dimes will have there annual fundraiser called the March for Babies. The walkers get donations for there six mile walk around Lake Hollingsworth and Lake Morton.

Our Club always supports this event and this year is no different.

Please contact me via e-mail if you can help support this event. We will meet at the First Presbyterian Church, 175 Lake Hollingsworth Drive at 7:30am. Assignments (locations to monitor) will be given out at that time. The walk starts at 8:00am. We are usually finished by 11:30am. We will be utilizing the Lakeland repeater for this event, so bring your HT.

This is one of our main support events for the year. I know in the past that I have enjoyed this event very much.

Thanks for your support,

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April's Meeting -- Extra Special

April's meeting had much to offer. First, Bert KG2G, key collector extraordinaire and avid CW enthusiast, showed off some of his more interesting keys, while educating us on the history of the first digital mode.

Bert is the kind of guy who always has time to help a fellow ham, whether it is solving a difficult electronic problem, or encouraging him or her to learn more about the hobby.

Before the meeting got underway, we held a testing session. The result, three new Generals and two new Extras!

First the Generals.

Left to right in the back row we have Donald KK4HKQ and Patrick KI4CDY. Seated in the front row are Kevin Logue who passed both the Tech and General this evening, and James Johnson KK4FEK who passed his general with a perfect score!

And next the Extras!

Congratulations Gene, KC0YIM. You did extraordinarily well. Not too many get a perfect score on the extra exam. Enjoy your stay in the sunny South before returning to Kansas.
And, with a nearly perfect score, congratulations are in order for Al W4ZSC who also upgraded from Advanced to Extra.

And if that wasn't enough, we all got to view the video "The Last Big Field Day."

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Special Event, special

Perfect day, great food, and most important great company.