Thursday, June 27, 2013

Field Day Musical Tribute

Here is a humorous musical production to honor of field day. I hope you find it both humorous, and entertaining. Here is the link Field Day Musical Tribute


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

C U @ the BBQ

Reminder about the Monday, July 1st Meeting
Agenda:         Jimbo's BBQ including club provided dessert
                     Field day images by Bill and Rich
Start Time:     6:00 PM
Quilt drawing: 7:00 PM

If you have not yet purchased tickets for this event you can still contact Ernie at 660-4635, and pay at the door. The deadline for contacting him is Friday, June 28th. However, do contact Ernie if you plan to attend!

Testing will begin at 5:00 instead of 5:30

Monday, June 24, 2013

Thank You N4PS-Sam Reck

Sam Reck, N4PS. He donated a "a homebuilt" station to the Club. Sam is down sizing into a new living arrangement and he does not have the room available for antennas. We thank Sam for his thoughtfulness in donating his station to the Club. Sam will remain an
active ham via remote stations on the Internet.

The station was at Field Day along with other acquired equipment.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Field Day Invitation!

Field Day 2013 is 4 days away!

Preparation for the event is almost complete. Your Board will
be meeting tonight to finalize all of the details.

Remember, we will be having our Family Appreciation Dinner
at 6pm on Saturday (at the Field Day site). Please remember
to bring a covered dish to share and YOUR OWN DRINKS.

The Field Day Celebration Dinner will be at 6pm on July 1st before
our July meeting at the Church. This event is $9 per person and will
be catered by Jimbo's BBQ. Ernie MUST have the money by the
end of Field Day on Sunday, June 23rd.

We also will be administering the amateur radio test on Sunday at 9am.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.

See you at Field Day!


Friday, June 7, 2013

June 2013

Left to right, Al W4ZSC, Jimmy KG4QGB, Ernie KG4YNI, Geoffrey KK4RRX, Patrick KI4CDY, and George KI4NBE. Jimmy has moved on up to Extra. Geoffrey to Tech, then General in one sitting. Outstanding!

Left to right, George KI4NBE, Jack KK4RRW, Seth Norman KK4SDY, and Al W4ZSC. Both Jack and Seth earned their Technicians License. Congratulations.

A big happy birthday to Glen Culler. Pictured here left to right are Glen W4JGC, devoted XYL Lois, Peggy N4PEG, and Rich N4ESS. That is the USS United States on the table, reminding us that the Culler's have an ocean cruise in their future. Safe and happy voyage!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sneak Peek At Field Day 2013

Field day is just around the corner and this year, as in previous years, it will be a fun time.
First, the stations: there will be four this year. They are:

  1. CW on 15, 40, and possibly 20 meters
  2. CW and phone on 10 meters and 80 meters
  3. Phone and possibly CW on 20 meters
  4. Phone on 15 and 40 meters
If you would like to practice logging before the event, you can download the software we will be using. It will be good for only thirty entries, but that should be enough practice for you to get the hang of what is involved. Download your copy at You are encouraged to become familiar with it before field day.

If you are going to help with setup, plan to be there at the crack of dawn, Saturday, (6:00AM or so). Tear down will be Sunday, noonish. In between there will be lunch and supper on Saturday, and Breakfast on Sunday.

Be there, and plan on having a great time.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Congratulations Peggy N4PEG New Extra!

Peggy hugging Judson, KJ4IDH, after he told her that she passed her Extra Class license examination on Saturday, 6/1/2013. Peggy hugging Roger KI4YQT to her right and Mike KK4LEO to her left.

The test was offered by the LWRA Club at the Winter Haven Red Cross building. Three people passed examinations this morning. Two were newcomers to the hobby. Each passed their Technicians Class test. Peggy passed her Extra Class test.  When asked why she didn't wait until the club meeting on Monday, she said "I was ready, and waiting would have driven me crazy."