Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year!

Good news! Thanks to Ernie KG4YNI becoming a SysOp we now have an EchoLink connection to our repeater. Echolink is very flexible and opens the world to Hams, even if all you have is a Tech license. With EchoLink you can literally go from your PC, smart phone, or tablet to any other EchoLink site in the world. If you happen to be traveling, or are a snowbird interested in keeping touch via the LARC repeater, EchoLink opens the door for you as well. Simply click on KG4YNI's node (781052), and you will be patched into the Lakeland repeater as if you were a local user.

You can learn more by clicking on the following link.  EchoLink Site

As far as EchoLink is concerned we are in North America, United States, Area 4. Following the links to this location you will see all the EchoLink sites in Area 4. Searching for the key word Lakeland will show all the sites for Lakeland. KG4YNI will be one of them. Simply click on it to open the Lakeland Repeater. 

So why not make a New Year's Resolution to add EchoLink to your Ham Radio Experience?

Happy New Year!