Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Field Day 2018

This is the event you have been waiting for all year! 

This Saturday is Field Day! Last minute plans are already underway. If you are part of a team, make sure you show up at the agreed time to do your part.
  • Bill KI4ZMV will be handling set up and take down. This will start Friday, 3:00 PM. Take down will be Sunday morning.
  • Patrick KI4CDY is finalizing the dinner plans for Saturday which include pulled pork, barbecued chicken, and coleslaw. Members are asked to bring a dish to pass and something to drink. The club will supply water. Deserts are always a favorite. 
  • Jim W4XDS will be heading up operations. The sign up sheet follows. If you are not on the list, just show up, or contact Jim, 863-521-1511.

Name Call sign Mode-CW /SSB Operate at night? 06/24/18 06/25/18 Phone #
Victor Saxe N4FRK SSB Maybe NR NR 863-858-1752
Eleanor Marshall KK4VCN Setup + Logging Unsure Unsure Unsure 407-3191108
Peggy Kennedy N4PEG SSB NR NR NR 813-240-5614
Patty Morris KJ4AFB NR NR NR Teardown 863-815-9657
Fred Delaney K1DU CW Yes Yes Yes 863-210-5960
David Zdanowicz KI4WRX SSB Yes Yes Night 863-844-2062
Herman Smith ( Top) WB6ZEQ SSB Yes Yes Night 863-816-0658
Buddy Morgan WBOMG CW No Yes None 863-816-8949
Kenny Kozla KM4UYX Setup +SSB No Day Day 863-844-2062
Liam Holzer KM4STS SSB Yes SSB/Setup Cleanup 863-6821689
Tyler Rought None NA NA NA Cleanup 863-944-8621
Andrew Stevens WX4AMS SSB No Any Any 863-280-4385
“Rip” Van Wrinkle AA4HT CW/SSB Yes Any Any 863-853-1400
Greg Burton K1TZD Setup

Mike Shreve N6MRS Setup +CW Yes Overnite
George Mann KJ4UW SSB Yes Overnite
James Russ AB4KA Crew

Breakdown 863-944-5646
George Gafford KI4NBE SSB Yes Any Any 863-875-5919
Robert Criggs N4HCZ CW Maybe Any Any 863-868-7812
Kevin Rought N4KWR SSB Yes Any Any 863-393-4336
Chet Carruth AB4XK CW Copy ARRL CW


Not on a sheet but participating

Rich Kennedy 1-863-240-5614

Matthew Stevens 1-863-585-9612

Bill Johnson 1-863-216-6554

Jim Stewart 1-863-521-1511

Maybe’s – Not signed up yet.

Sam Shaver N7CUC

Christopher LeBlanc K4QW